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Bran-Den Junior school considers that the society in its vicinity is ultimately its strength. The Director instills this sense of social responsibility to her staff, students and parents. The Director as part of her personal social responsibility is sponsoring five(5) students from the local community in their education.

As part of the recruitment process of Bran-Den Junior school, the staff are supposed to sign-up to voluntary social work as and when the need arises. Below is the School Director singing with a family the school visited as part of its CSR.

Bran-Den School Director singing with a family the school visited in 2009 as part of its CSR.

On september 18, 2010, Bran-Den Junior school visited an orphans home in the Nyondia community of Naivasha District. The staff and the pupils led by the School director and some volunteers from Holland srapped one of the houses in the home off the old dilapated paint in preparation for a new coat of paint in the house. The staff also bulit a resting hut in the home compound, played with the children, washed their clothes, cooked and fed them among other things. By the time we left the place, we are filling very fulfilled and the children in the home were more than exicted to have spent the day with friends, mothers and fathers.

Below are some photos of the successfull activities of the day.

Staff scrapping the old paint. At Bran-den, we are all-rounded individuals, we belief in the Kiswahili saying that " Mchagua Jembe si Mkulima - One who selects his hoe is not a real farmer" and "Jina jema hungara gizani - A Good name shines in the darkness"

Bran-Den Staff constructing a resting traditional HUT. Notice the children relaxing in the background as their teachers lead by example.

A Pupil from Bran-Den Junior school (Vivian - Class 7) holding one of the babies from the home ( 3 months old who had been sold by the mother to a stranger but was rescued and brought to the home) - Look at the way she is exicted - Everything we do as a school, we do it with a SMILE.

Teacher Janet, can I hold the baby?, wao, the baby looks so cute, can we go with him to our school?

Bran-Den Pupils joining the Volunteers from Holland in scrapping the walls off the old paint to give the angels of this home a new and homely house.