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Parents or Guardians are kindly requested to ensure that they have received, signed and delivered all the documents below to school:

  1. Pupils admission form
  2. Copy of the School Rules and Regulations
  3. Student Behavioral contract
  4. Boarding facilities requirements( for boarders)
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Interview Papers results - done in school
  7. Last report form from previous school - Where applicable
  8. Letter of reference from the previous school- where applicable
  9. Recent student Medical Report (for Boarders)
  10. Text Books as per the CLass/Grade ( Bought once on admission by the parent) 
  11. Ksh 1,000.00 Admission fee - Boarders
  12. Ksh 500.00 interview fee
  13. Ksh 1,500.00 Library fee
  14. Ksh 1000.00 Admission fee day-scholars
  15. Ksh 700.00 Insurance Fee - Paid annually in second term
  16. School Uniform - Available from  Leading uniform distributers

1. Enrollment Age

      1. The school is open for children from the ages 2.5 years and above
      2. The school is both a mixed Day and Boarding school.

2. Attendance

      1. The school is open from Monday to Friday between 7.30 am to 5.00 pm.
      2. All students must be in school by 8.15 am everyday
      3. All students must attend school daily from Monday to Friday without any failure whatsoever.
      4. A Pupil found dodging or missing classes will be sent home to collect his/her parents/guardian.
      5. Any pupil who misses a day’s attendance will be required to produce a doctor’s report or a parent’s notification letter on reporting back.
      6. No child will be exempted from co-curricular activities unless with a doctors letter of exemption.
      7. The school remains open throughout the year except for short vacations in April, August and December which will be communicated well in advance.

3. Fees

      1. The school fees structure is always communicated to the parents at the beginning of every year. Any changes in between shall be communicated and well explained to the parents as and when the need arises.
      2. Fees once paid is not refundable.
      3. All school fees must be paid at the bank in the school’s bank account as advised from time to time without any deductions whatsoever. A receipt must be obtained from school for all monies paid to the bank. The school official receipt will be given upon producing a receipt from the bank.
      4. Fees may be paid in FULL or in TWO monthly installments BY 4th of every month.. All parents must ensure that the full school is cleared by 4th of the second month after opening school.
      5. No Pupil will be allowed to sit for END TERM Exams unless all the school fees has been cleared.

4. Dress code

    1. Every child must wear the school uniform at all times. The school uniform is available at the leading school uniforms and at school. Any child not wearing the uniform and without any prior arrangement with the school management will be sent home.
    2. No French hair cut style will be allowed. Plaiting of girls hair should be in the simplest way possible.
    3. Smartness should be maintained at all the time. Untidy pupils shall be subjected to discipline.
    4. Every student should have a P.E uniform and a tracksuit as per the different houses. All students will wear their tracksuits on FRIDAYS.

  1. The school will provide exercise books in school.
  2. Every Parent will be required to pay a one- time Library fee of Ksh 1,500.00.00. The students will then be provided with school reference text books and exercise books until completion of class 8 which must be COVERED by the parents immediately after provision.
  3. Pupils should not write their names inside the text books, they can however write their names on the covers .
  4. The parents should ensure that their children have enough writing materials like pencils, pens, rubbers etc.

  1. All class work, homework and any other activities given to the children must be completed.
  2. A Pupil who fails to complete their assignments or class work shall be disciplined accordingly.

  1. Parents are required to ensure all the children’s property like clothes, books etc are clearly marked with their names and admission numbers.
  2. The school will not accept any responsibility for loss of property whatsoever although the necessary precaution will be taken to avoid such an occurrence.
  3. A student who damages school property will be asked to replace it or will carry out the necessary repairs at the parents cost.

  1. All students joining the boarding section will be required to produce a certified medical report on admission. The parents will be required to inform the school in writing any medical concerns of the child to ensure a safe stay in school.
  2. No child suffering from any sickness whatsoever, including influenza, coughs, skin diseases, open sores etc will be allowed to attend school until fully recovered.
  3. In case of a serious illness while at school, the PARENTS will be informed IMMEDIATELY and they will be required to avail themselves immediately. The school will take all precautionary measures to avoid disaster but it is the sole responsibility of the parent to meet the child’s medical bills.

  1. Every student/employee will be required to abide by our school core values of : Trust, Team work, Professionalism and Integrity. Any student who fails to do this shall be disciplined accordingly.
  2. Any pupil found engaging in acts of indiscipline shall be disciplined accordingly and a record of such action shall be kept. NB: No corporal punishment shall be applied- the school management shall be informed of cases requiring punishment.
  3. Parents with children portraying signs of habitual indiscipline shall be summoned to school and a joint corrective measure shall be applied on the children.
  4. NO student whatsoever shall be allowed to tease or down play others.
  5. Every Pupil/Parent will be required to sign a BEHAVIOURIAL contract with school during admission.

  1. No Pupil will leave the school compound unless authorized by the school Director.
  2. Leave out forms will be handed out to parents/guardians of respective students.
  3. Abrupt visits will not be allowed by the school. Pupils will be visited only on specific dates (Visiting Days). Parents should adhere to these regulations.
  4. Each child must be out of the school by 5.30 pm for day scholars and on closing days for boarders.
  5. Personal nannies shall not be allowed in the school premises.

  1. The school reserves the right to amend, add or remove any of the rules. Such alterations shall be communicated to the parents accordingly.
  2. No pupil will qualify on their own to move to the next class.
  3. No pupil will be allowed to repeat the same class twice and if it has to has to happen, we shall have no alternative but to request the parent to move the pupil out of the school.

Yours Sincerely,

Janet K Mbaka