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8-4-4 Curriculum

Price: Btwn Ksh. 7,200 - 22,700


Bran-den Junior offers the Kenyan educational system 8-4-4 Curriculum.

Class Setting

Bran-Den Junior school was built with the success of the student in mind. Our classes are equipped with state of the art furniture. Every class room has a teacher’s desk and chair,ample walking space for the teacher and student, a spacious blackboard with enough teaching aids like wall charts. The class teacher stays with the students in class

Computer Skills

In addition to routine academic lessons, ICT skills are imparted through computer training offered at the school's ICT college. The pupils and the teachers have the privilege of learning Information Technology at no extra cost . The college is also open to school leavers and ICT professionals who wish to acquire computer certifications at an affordable fee.