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BRAN-DEN junior school is a consistently high performing primary school currently offering regular nursery and primary education with a strong bias in ICT. The Zonal and Divisional examination results that are published monthly are available for your reference at the school boards and in our website under performance, these can attest to the schools consistency in academic excellence.

Good performance is rewarded in our school and this fosters competation and self esteem among the children, teachers, parents and the whole of the BRAN-DEN team. We are all proud of our performance.

The school sat for its first KCPE exam in year 2011 - see performance below. Below are our set class set targets.

  1. Term 1 Class 1-3  550 mks , Class 4-8 300 mks
  2. Term 2 Class 1-3  570 mks,  Class 4-8 350 mks
  3. Term 3 Class 1-3  590 mks,  Class 4-8 380 mks
  4. Year 2011 KCPE results - MEAN SCORE - 362 out of 500.
  5. Year 2012 KCPE results - MEAN SCORE - 337.55 out of 500 - See news section for more details
  6. Year 2013 KCPE Results-MEAN SCORE - 356.53 out of 500 - position 4 in Naivasha district and position 1 in our zone.

The management, staff, pupils, parents, Church, Community and the Local Education office work as a team to ensure that the experience of every family member of Bran-Den Junior school is memorable for the rest of their life. We work towards graduating pupils at any level with both academic skills and professional, social and entrepreneurship skills through our various additional extra-curriculum and informal curriculum activities that we engage our pupils in.

The best decision you can make for your child is to ENROLL HIM/HER to BRAN-DEN JUNIOR SCHOOL where every child is treated as SPECIAL and as an ORIGINAL with enormous POTENTIAL.