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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

1.  How old is Bran-Den Junior School?

a. Our school opened its doors to the public on 12th January 2009

2. Where is the school located?

a. We are located in Naivasha District(Nakuru Country) 4 kms off the Main Nakuru Nairobi Highway on north Kinagop road on your way to NYS at a place populary known as Peppercorn in Nyondia Village.

3. Is Bran-Den Junior School registered?

a. Yes, The school is fully registered with the Ministry Of Education, NHIF, NSSF and Insurance Companies among other partners.

4. How do I pay my school fees?

a. All monies are paid through the bank or through our Paybill accounts from the comfort of your location any time anywhere (No need to make bank queues)

b. Payments are stictly in TWO installments. Parents who pay full school fees before opening dates are rewarded.

5. Is your school uniform readly available?

a. Yes, Our school uniform is available in most of the leading school uniform distributers coutrywide. Our sweaters, Tshirts and Tracksuits are Branded and are only available from Ukweli School Uniorms – Naivasha for now.

6. I hear Bran-Den Junior school keeps on changing its school fees?

a. NO, That’s a lie and a rumour from people who do not understand our pricing model – Our fees is very pocket friendly and stable and is only reviewd after a parents meeting if need be. See no. 13below

7. Is Bran-Den Junior school a day or Boarding School?

a. The school has both facilities – Boarding from Class 4-8, and dayschool from baby class to class 4 for the surrounding community (Optional transport provided at a small fee – see no.13 below) Picking times are between 6:00 am and 7:50 am dependeding on residentail area- Our transport times are advised to the parent during admission).

8. Does the school have a discipline model?

a. Yes, the school has rules and regulations for staff, pupils and parents, a behavioural contract that is signed by the parent and pupil and the class teacher during admission. The school does not entertain Indiscipline cases but Pupils are couselled as need arises and where its really mandatory, suspension or expelation takes place.

9. Is my child secure in your school?

a. Yes, Our school is surrounded by a stone wall with external security personells at night maning the school from the outside, Boarders stay with boarding masters and matrons in their dorms at night, Dayscholars can only leave the school once the school program is over for the day. Any parent picking a child during the day has to fill a leave out form. Where the parents can not come to school, ONLY authorised personnels from the office can collect children from school . A parent is required to give all necessary information to the office where need be to protect their children.

10. Is Bran-Den Junior School a stable school?

a.  Bran-Den Junior school is a very stable school that has seen tremedous growth since inception with a very strong strategic plan. The school is owned and Managed by a Professional educationist, strategic planner, counsellor, Banker and ICT professional with a backup of very experienced and renowned strategic directors in different fields. Our staff are also very stable.

11. Once I have admitted my child, What follows?

a.  Learning begins in an wholist manner. The school has one visiting day per term( No impromptu visits), mid-term break, one academic clinic in term 2, educational trips in term 2, end of year graduation in term 3, NO Food is allowed in school. Parents can follow up with their childrens welfare througth the school numbers ONLY any day between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Our term dates follow the approved Ministry Of Education term dates

12. Does the school have extra-curriculum activities?

a.  Yes, very active Ball games, Computer classes, Table tennis, Bandiminton, Clubs, Athelitcs, Farming, Poutry Keeping, Dairy farming, Baby swings, Rounders etc

13. Has Bran-Den Junior school sat for KCPE?  How is your performance in different classes?

a.  Yes, and we are among the Giant Performers in Naivasha District( top 5) and Nakuru County (Top 20) in all our classes – our results are available to parents on request.We have a number of academic and Extra Curriculum rewards from the Ministry Of Education and Other sectors

b.  School voted by the Ministry of Education as the Most Child-Friendly school – ECDE Private sector.

c.  The school has an active rewarding policy for pupils, staff and parents.

14. I hear Bran-Den Junior school is very expensive?

a.  That’s a lie and Roumours – Our boarding fees is Ksh 25,500 all inclusive of text books, insurance, meals, tuition etc . Our day school fees ranges from 6,500.00 to Ksh 10,500.00 All inclusive except transport. Our transport costs are optional and range from KSh 1,000.00 to Ksh 4,000.00 per term depending on residential area.NO HIDDEN CHARGES

15. Does the school provide a balanced diet for my child?

a.  Yes, please feel free to get a copy of our school feeding menu from the office. A lot of the food is got from our school farm and our daily/poutry farming activities.Dayscholars are provided with 10:00 clock porridge and Lunch while boarders are provided with all the meals from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm guided by a daily balanced menu.

16  When Can I admit my child in your school?

a.  Admissions are open from 1st January to 31st December every year after sitting an interview. Our interview cut off mark is 70 % for lower and 65 for upper primary with a bit of flexibility on the ground. You get your childs interview results INSTANTLY.

17. I am ready to admit my child, what should I do?

a.  Pre-school

i. Come to school with a copy f your childs birth certificate/birth notification and Ksh 500.00 admission fee. You will be provided with the required admission requirements after paying the admission fee.

b.  Primary section

i. Come to school for an interview with a copy of your child birth certificate, curernt school report form,  Ksh 500.00 interview fee, pencil/pen, rubber . If your child passes the interview, you will be required to pay Ksh 500.00 admission fee and then provided with the necessary adimission requirements.

c.  What am I required to buy?

d.  The parent only buys Uniform, Stationery(writing materials) and personal Items(boarders). The school provides text books, Exercise books and beddings for boarders after paying a ONE TIME FEE of Ksh 4,000.00 only

18. If I have more than 1 child, do I get any benefits?

a.  Yes, The school recognises parents with more than 1 child or parents who introduce other parents to our school. Enquire from the office during admission.

19  Where can I get more information about the school?

a.  From our website – www.bran-denschools.co.ke, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call our school numbers – 0717 655382, 0738 138538 from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm